About Shaping the World Productions

What We Do

Shaping the World Productions wants to bring our brand of film envisioning to the world stage. We are interested in people who have the talent to tell stories in a way that adds dimension to what is being expressed.

Shaping the World Productions is committed to creating, finding and supporting quality projects--and the people involved with them. Working with us means working with a company knit to the idea that people are the world's most precious and interesting commodity.


Kirkland Morris - Writer/Producer

Morris, originally from Chicago, IL, credits his writing talents and creativity to the summer trips he took as a child with his family. But, his professional path as a writer wasn't so apparent.

During his undergraduate career at DePaul University is when he realized he wanted to be a writer. Although his original plan was to apply to law school and pursue an entertainment law career, after receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration, he decided to change the plan, give his dream a shot and head West.

Admittedly, he was overwhelmed when he arrived in California because he had not secured a place to live and the one person he knew in the state was out of town. After a number of hit and miss hotels/motels, Morris eventually settled at a Motor Inn in the valley - an experience that would make for a great comedic story if he can ever get over the trauma [insert laughter].

Morris hit the ground running within his first few weeks in Los Angeles. He attended several events and worked on various sets like Moesha and The District, in an effort to network with industry professionals and learn as much about the business as possible. He hoped that his diligence on set and in person would convey his desire to be a successful writer/director in the film making industry.

In time, his effort soon proved beneficial.

Morris was accepted to the Bill Cosby sponsored Guy Hanks and Marvin Miller Fellowship Program, and as a result, the screenplay he wrote in the fellowship placed in the semi-finals of the Organization of Black Screenwriters screenwriting competition.

Today Morris is having a ball, with each year getting better than the next, as he continues to carve out a niche as a source for good original content. To date, several of Morris' projects have been produced, several of his feature scripts are being converted into comic books and he's developing an interactive web series.

Morris credits his success to the support of his family and promises great things in the future with sucess of his company.

"My imagination, my creativity... I would be nothing without my family. They are the reason I became a writer and the reason I started Shaping the World Productions."