Want to know what an industry reader will think of your script? Have us cover your script and you'll get the same kind of notes that a studio reader would pass on to their boss. The studio-style coverage package (on scripts of up to 120 pages) includes:

  • One page synopsis that will tell you exactly what an industry reader takes away from your script
  • One page of notes, including analysis of what did and didn't work, and suggestions on how to improve the weak spots
  • Pass / Consider / Recommend rating

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Trying to develop something? We've been in the game for years, and we know exactly how to take a project from core concept to fully executed package. We can work with you to create a pitch that will get people interested in your project, then help you develop a synopsis, a treatment, and even a complete script!

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Kirkland is a great writer! I gave him a very thin story outline for a web series screenplay and he turned the idea into a really compelling, character driven story. I have read some of his other scripts and his work is detailed and passionately written, his characters are really three dimensional and dialogue is real. His characters actually leap off the page. I'm very happy to have met Kirkland and will continue to work with him and already have in mind several projects which will benefit from his expertise and input. I highly recommend this writer to everyone!
- James Tucker, Director - James Tucker Productions

Kirkland Morris is a highly creative screenwriter who takes great pride in his work. Kirkland is a devoted crafter and approaches every story with a genuine and inspiring collaborative spirit. Kirkland has a rare quality to capture a natural sense of the human condition within his dialogue and still manages to entertain. He is a joy to work with!
- Martin Guigui, Director - Sunset Pictures

COMING SOON Final Draft Buster

Ever wanted an easier way to crank out that first draft?

  • Innovative "Easy Scene Builder" graph
  • Step-by-step instructions make the process as easy as 1-2-3
  • Break down the process into versatile four-act structure
  • Works with both film and television!

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